I had a lady call me up asking if I could make her a Tim Burton Nightmare Before Christmas wedding cake and 150 cupcakes. I said sure that sounds like fun! she only could afford $400 so I was good with that. I figured I could do it with that and still make money off it.

Well then she gets with me and explains whats she wants on it. They showed me a picture of this square colorful pattern, and then they wanted corpse bride, Jack, and James and the giant peach on it, four layers, and the cake colored like a rainbow.  At this point I’m kinda freaking out cause we live in a small town and I have no clue where I’m gonna find the characters, and I’m getting better at airbrushing but not that good! But that’s what they wanted so I was gonna do my best!

I found the characters on amazon and they ended up costing me 170.00, they are expensive! But anyways, so I bake, stack and start icing the cake, get it covered in fondant, I took a picture of the pattern they wanted on the cake and I just started going at it and when I was done I was very pleased with myself! Everything on this cake just started flowing and coming together other then when I turned my back my 2 year old got a hold of one of the roses and ate it – so I had to make another one! Also my first time making roses from fondant.

This has to be one of the coolest cakes I have ever made! It was a lot of fun also. I hope I can make another like it someday!