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Coolest Flag Birthday Cake

I made this Confederate Flag cake for my sister-in-law Shawna’s 38th birthday. This was the second cake I had ever made but I must say now I am hooked! She personally requested this theme cake but, let me make it quite clear, we are not in the least racist.

I started with a normal chocolate cake, flipped upside down, so I would have the smoother side on top for the face. Next, I dirty iced the cake with white icing and put it in the freezer for fifteen minutes. After it had cooled in the freezer, I added red coloring to the white icing and spread on a layer of that, smoothing it the best I could to avoid wrinkles.

The blue cross was made of white fondant dyed blue; I used paper cutouts, laid on top of the cake, to get the right dimensions and then transferred the cutouts onto the rolled fondant, cutting around it with an exacto knife. After positioning the fondant on the cake, I had my oldest son Damon, who draws much better than me, draw stars on the white fondant. These stars were then cut out and laid on top of the blue cross.

After this was done, I piped around the edges with white icing. I added the cannons and figurines, purchased from Hobby Lobby, to simulate the Civil War. I hope this is an inspiration to everyone interested in this awesome hobby. I am a married man, so it just goes to show even regular guys can have fun with cake!

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