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Coolest Flamingo Birthday Cake

I wanted to make a special cake for my niece Shayna’s 21st birthday. I didn’t want anything alcohol related. I decided on the pink flamingo birthday cake, and got some ideas from this wonderful website!

I used fondant for the first time, and covered the cake with it, then used spray-on hot pink icing. This cake took every bit of two 10X13 cakes, plus a loaf pan sized cake for the head. I made the wing 3-day by cutting a tear drop shaped piece of cake and putting it on top of the bird body. I cut out the flamingo shape freehand, then toothpicked the pieces together, I painted wooden dowels black for the legs (decided not to do feet, I was sort of overwhelmed).

I did the standard green food coloring on coconut for the “grass”, and used a puffy ribbon on the bird’s head, and made the eyeball from black and white paper circles that I cut out. Then I attached a fake eyelash on the eye. I spent a lot of hours on the decorating because I am very amateur, but it came out so cool!

My niece was really excited, partly because of the sheer size of the cake, and the hot pink color. It was very fun to make and my niece Shayna absolutely loved it!

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  1. I think you should give yourself more credit. You did a fantastic by hand cut out of the flamingo very nice looking!!!


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