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Cool Homemade Flower Cake for a Garden Party

I made this flower cake for a friend whose daughter was having a garden party. It’s made from an 8 inch round cake and 12 cupcakes. I cut a little bit off one edge of 11 of the cupcakes (to give them a flat side so they’d fit more tightly) and arranged them around the 8″ cake as petals, attaching with butter cream frosting.

I then covered the entire flower with light green icing, smoothed as best I could, and refrigerated to set slightly. I used a #30 star tip to pipe the centre of the flower (and around the bottom edge) in darker green and the petals in pink.

The ladybug was made with the extra cupcake which I cut a bit to shape and covered with red frosting. The head and line are made with chocolate frosting and the spots are chocolate chips.

1 thought on “Cool Homemade Flower Cake for a Garden Party”

  1. WOW,

    What an amazing cake. I bet you did not even want to serve it! It You are very creative. Not only in picture taking but in the kitchen too.
    I hope all is well. I enjoy reading all your postings on facebook. I hope a get to see you all sometime as it has been too long.
    We are surviving up here in Canada. Just holding on and hoping that GM stays in business.
    Take care and love to all.
    Jane and the rest of the family!


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