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Cool Homemade Flower Cake Using the Wilton Cake Pan

I made this flower cake for my neighbor’s 4th birthday party. I used the Wilton flower shaped pan and followed the baking instructions that came with the pan. I used a white cake mix and made my own butter cream icing.  I set some of the icing aside to tint different colors. I first tinted a small amount yellow for the middle of the flower,  then I set a small amount of the icing aside and kept it white for the small dots that appear on each petal. I set aside about a cup of icing aside to tint red.  The remaining icing I tinted light pint and spread a small amount over the petals and sides of cake.

After that, I piped the remaining pink icing into a piping bag and used a small star tip on each of the six petals and bottom sides of cake.  After that was done, I took a small amount of red and put into a piping bag, and used a small round tip to create small loops on the inside each of the six petals.  Outside of those loops, I used the white icing to make small dots with the same round tip on the outside of the red loops.

On the bottom of the cake, I used a medium size star tip and piped the rest of the red icing into a piping bag and created a shell border around the bottom of the cake.  I also bought some edible flowers and used them in the six corners of the cake between each of the petals.  The last thing I did was used my individual italic letters and indented them into the middle (the yellow part) of the cake and wrote her name.  It just fit!  If you have a long name, it will probably not fit and you will have to write it on the board or leave it as is.  Enjoy!

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