Coolest Frankenstein Cake

I covered this Frankenstein cake with MMF over buttercream. It is made of three layers-bottom 8″ round, middle 6″ Angel food (filled with buttercream in center hole ), 8″ round top layer-leave leveled. Ears, eyes, and nose shape are fondant.

For the nose I made a base out of fondant, but left a top ‘hinge’ to slide between layers for ‘hanging’ off the front of the face before adding top layer of fondant. Cover with buttercream, add a large 15″ round circle of fondant, smoothing over head and nose mold. Slice slits for eyes, slowly spread the slit apart rolling edges inward, leaving a hole for eyes. Add buttercream to hole, insert eyes.

Ears are attached using water to moisten fondant. Hair/eyebrows are made from dried out MMF. I ripped strips for brows, rolled out the rest keeping edges jagged. Paint red on scars/eye balls with watered down food coloring.

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