Coolest Tinkerbell Birthday Cake

Here’s how it was constructed this Tinkerbell Birthday Cake:

I really try to make not only the outside interesting but also a surprise for the birthday person inside the cake as well. Kayla’s surprise was a rainbow on the inside of her cake. I made a vanilla cake batter then separated out cups of cake batter that I then tinted rainbow colors using Wilton gel food coloring.

I spooned the rainbow cake batter around the white cake batter to create a rainbow wheel. Using a knife I gently pulled each rainbow color into the center and swirled it.

After the cakes were baked, I made a buttercream icing while the cakes were cooling. The center layer had strawberry jam mixed with the buttercream for a nice light fruity center. Once the bottom tier and top tier were frosted with a buttercream crumb coat, I rolled out the marshmallow fondant I made the previous evening.

I tinted the Marshmallow Fondant using the Wilton Tinkerbell food colors the previous night while mixing it. Fondant should sit in the fridge 24 hours prior to working with it to help stiffen it up. Rolling the fondant out the first time took a little practice. It’s like a stiffer playdough but way more pliable and tastier than the store bought fondant I used in Timothy’s Star Wars Cake last November.

After a few trial and errors with a fondant roller, my roll mat, and a fondant stencil, I was happy with the result and covered both tiers.

Once both tiers were covered I stacked them on the cake board. I did not have wooden dowels available to insert into the cake for stability so I used what I had on hand since this was a cake for our house. I used plastic knives. In hindsight I probably would have used straws because I could have cut the tops off. Oh well. Live and learn.

I have the fondant on so I pipe a border on the seams using a pink ready made decorator icing. Using left over buttercream, I put the Tinkerbell characters on the top of the cake. I added the flowers to hide the fondant seam as I still need more instruction with how to seamlessly cover a round cake. I added some wire curls to the top to which I fixed a butterfly and some rolled fondant balls with tips of pink which turned out looking like little flowers.

The end result was a really adorable cake. If I had more time to dote on it I would have been more careful with the top, had the crumb coat covered cake tiers in the fridge for at least an hour or so to stiffen up before covering them with fondant, and just overall been a more polished cleaner look. Overall though Kayla loved it and that’s what matters. Plus, I’m getting more practice with fondant. I’m definitely making my own fondant from now on. It’s tastier, cheaper, and easier to work with than the $20 store bought kind.

Happy Baking!




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  1. I’m still impressed! I’m gonna have to get some ideas for my girls’ party in a few weeks. I want to do cupcakes but need a fancy but easy topper for them.

    Happy baking!
    Michelle S


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