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Coolest Frozen Inspired Birthday Cake

I had a wonderful time making this FROZEN inspired birthday cake for a precious 4-year-old. The best part ‘EVER’ was the ‘WOW’ on her face – priceless!

Frozen Inspired Birthday Cake Instructions

  • The cake board is covered with fondant, sculpted for snow drifts and then airbrushed pearl.
  • Poured directly on the fondant is an isomalt turquoise pond.
  • Fondant trees were made with a base of foil, covered in fondant and then snipped upwards with small scissors.
  • Adding to a frilly look is ribbon from Wal-Mart.
  • The final touches to the board were FROZEN inspired hand-sculpted fondant figurines, Sven and Olaf.
  • 10” round/5” tall cake was covered in LMF (marshmallow) fondant, using the marbling technique, and topped with fondant icicles.
  • A Sculpted RKT, fondant marbling technique, is the base for the isomalt ice castle.
  • A FROZEN inspired hand-sculpted fondant Elsa is inviting the guests to the ice castle.
  • And to take this design ‘over the top’ the isomalt ice castle was a tutorial taken from a class with Artisan Cakes, Elizabeth Marek.