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Cool Homemade Pink and Purple Giraffe Head Birthday Cake

This Giraffe Birthday Cake idea was shamelessly borrowed off this site from Tami B. of Del Rio, TX after I couldn’t locate a giraffe cake pan for the pink and purple giraffe cake requested for my Goddaugther’s birthday. (Thanks, Tami!)

I printed off the picture of Tami’s cake and used it to draw a 9×13 template. I baked a 9×13 cake, set the template on top, and used a butter knife to cut out the giraffe’s head. I had to piece together the ears and antlers from scraps leftover from the bottom part of the face, and “glued” them on with frosting.

I used Tami’s method of cutting out portions of the template (eyes, part of ears, part of mouth), setting on top of cake, and sifting powdered sugar over the top to help guide the frosting process.

I used Wilton’s recipe for buttercream frosting as well as the Wilton dyes in violet, rose, and black. The black portions were piped in then patted down using cornstarch on my finger. I did the rest in stars, except for the final outlines of the eyes/nose/mouth that were piped on.

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  1. I have a friend that is a Giraffe nut. I would love to make this for her. Any information you could share would be very appreciated. Any tips, anything.

    Thanks so much



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