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Coolest Giraffe Safari Birthday Cake

This Giraffe safari birthday cake is the cake I made for my son Damian 1st birthday, the giraffe was removable and used as his individual personal cake! I knew this cake was going to be a challenge for me, and a long process. I am not a great baker but with preparation, patience and time I did do it and I believe others could as well.

Start to finish of this cake took approximately 12 hours, broken into two days (from baking to completely assembled). Some of the most difficult parts was cutting out and assembling the giraffe, and applying the fondant stripes on the zebra layer, and the spots on the tiger layer. I used regular marbled cake recipe x6, four batches of marshmallow fondant, and 4 tbs. butter cream frosting.

I cooked the two bottom layers in 12′ and 14′ size spring form pans and I used a 9×13 and 2 bread pans for the giraffe. The carving and assembly of the giraffe was the hardest part, taking over 3 hours of assembly and frosting time. Once the giraffe was assembled I used a medium star sized tip, and covered the cake to make the appearance of fur.

The ears were made out of fondant I shaped and allowed to dry overnight, and attached the morning of the party. This was a long process but was worth every minute it took to create it, my son’s face lit up and everyone was amazed I made this! Even my husband complimented me after giving me a hard time the two days making, asking me why go through all the work and stress, when we’ll just eat it and my son won’t remember it. My son won’t remember it but he will always look back at the pictures, and will see that on the day of his birthday mommy always tried her best to make it special !

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  1. Such an adorable cake. I am sure a lot of people would want to use. Expecailly since the top becomes a cake in itself for that one year old to dig into. Wish i was able to have seen it in person!


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