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Sweet Homemade Giraffe Birthday Cake

This Giraffe Birthday Cake was my first attempt at cake decorating, being for a special occasion, my first child’s, first birthday. He has a jungle themed nursery so I had to go with a giraffe cake. I got some great ideas from this website but ended up drawing my own design and cake template based on a painting in my son’s room.

The cake was a dense chocolate cake which is dairy and egg free but contains oil as a substitute. There are many recipes available online for chocolate oil cake. The density of the cake was great as I was cutting the initial shape, there was minimal crumbling and the cake held it’s shape well even though it was relatively high. The only decoration I used was the butter frosting, in it’s original white, bright orange and with cocoa added for the chocolate brown spots.

I also used some bought red and blue icing in ready to squeeze-on tubes which was very convenient for the small amounts I needed. The finishing touch was the number one made from cake offcuts, iced in leftover frosting and coated in 100’s and 1000’s. This was the perfect size for my son to pick up and devour, while the adults at his party enjoyed the moist, rich chocolate cake.

Very happy with my first cake decorating efforts and I can’t wait ’til next birthday!

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