Coolest Golden Snitch Birthday Cake

For my son’s 9th birthday he wanted a Golden Snitch birthday cake. I used the middle sized bowl of my Pyrex set and made rice krispy treats for the bottom half and made a cake in the bowl for the top layer. I then used frosting to cover everything together and covered the ball in marshmallow fondant which I had colored yellow gold. I then sprayed the snitch with gold edible spray which gave it a nice golden sheen.

I was concerned about the wings but it worked out really well. I used two bamboo skewers as the top part of the wing and covered it with white chocolate (minus the section that was going into the cake). Using a squeeze bottle it was very easy to squeeze out & draw the shape of the wings. Before the chocolate set, I sprinkled it with gold sanding sugar. Being on the skewers made it very easy to insert into the cake when we were ready. And the rice krispy’s helped hold them in place…no worries about them falling out!

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