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Coolest Golf Course Birthday Cake

Our sporty uncle celebrated his 75th and since he loves golf, my sister and I decided on a Homemade Golf Course Birthday Cake after much inspiration from the Coolest Birthday cakes website!

With some help from my husband, a downloaded picture of TPC Sawgrass Hole 17 in Florida was the basis of the design. I made a fruit cake about 3 weeks before the party – fruit cakes keep well and are solid enough to work on with icing. We bought ready made fondant and kneaded it with green colour and covered the cake. The picture of the golf course was a guide to cut out another piece of fondant to shape the island green and the course around the lake.

For grass, we used dessicated coconut and put it in a bag with a few drops of green colouring – you shake the bag until you get an even colour. Keep adding colour until happy with the shade of green. We then sprinkled it on the cake – the sides needed some sticking with a bit of water brushed on the fondant. A brown ribbon with happy birthday on it was stuck around the sides of the cake to cover any unevenness and mess!

We painted on blue colour for the lake and a bit of brown for the pathways and edges. Brown sugar was used for the tiny sand hazard. A tiny bit of fondant was coloured pink, cut to a triangle onto it for the flag and wrapped round a florist’s wire, then painted a 17 on it. We used a real bit of fern for the palm trees.

Based on a Golfer’s prayer, “May you live long to shoot your age” was painted on a piece of fondant. We bought candles with a 7 and 5 and stuck them on with toothpicks.

At the birthday party, we asked guests to guess which course the cake was based on. We are in Malaysia so quite a few guests thought of a similar course in the country! However, there were obviously serious players in the room as they recognized it. 2 winners won a box of golf balls each!

Hope you enjoy it as much as we did decorating it.

Homemade Golf Course Birthday Cake

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