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Coolest Homemade Golf Cake

I made this Golf cake for a friend who’s father was turning 70 years old. He loves to golf.

I used chocolate candy molds to make each golf ball and the golf bag. I used white chocolate in the golf ball molds. I used brown butterscotch chocolate for the golf bag, but, at the top of the mold, I used white chocolate for the clubs. My husband cooked three round 9″ chocolate marble cakes. He is better at making even layers, so he jumped in to help!

I frosted the cake with a vanilla base coat. I froze the cake for about an hour and then added a second coat of white vanilla frosting. I wrapped an Argyle-themed wrapping paper around the outside of the cake to add color. I placed the chocolate golf bag and golf balls on the top of the cake. I brushed edible silver dust on the white chocolate clubs to make them appear metal. I was very pleased with the end result.

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