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Coolest Miniature Golf Birthday Cake

My daughter wanted her party at the local miniature golf place with a cake to match. I used a satellite image of the course plus some of my prior photos to design 3 of the putting greens and the waterfall. I drew it all out on sketch paper the exact size the cake would be so there would be no mistakes when I got ready to draw it out on the actual cake.

The cake was two French Vanilla boxed cake mixes each baked to 9 x 13 and stacked. I used canned Blue Vanilla frosting for the filling between the layers. I then whipped up homemade butter cream frosting, tinted it green and iced the outside of the cake. I saved a little bit and tinted it blue to use for the waterfall. I then used glittery blue piping gel over the blue butter cream and drug it through the butter cream to create a flowing effect and even let the water fall off of the side of the cake.

The rock formation on the waterfall is rice crispy treats formed into the shape of the waterfall at the mini golf course, then covered with melted caramel and decorated with milk chocolate rocks. I also used the milk chocolate rocks to outline the water, as obstacles on the putting greens, and as various decorations on the cake. There is a little toy alligator in the edge of the waterfall, as is the case at the actual course.

I used ready-to-use cupcake icing in black to outline the putting greens and for the holes. I used the ready-made cupcake icing in green for the grass all over the cake and to stick the plastic golf club to the front of the cake. I used green edible spray paint frosting on one of the putting greens to make it darker so as to match one of the putting greens at the actual course. The golf balls are Sixlets candy and I put one on each putting green. (There are even a couple of stray balls that landed in the water!) The sand pits are crushed vanilla wafers.

I used bought candy letters and left a bare spot in the middle of the cake for squiggly candles that were placed at the time of the party. There was also a blue sparkly # 9 candle that was placed in the water.

The miniature golf birthday cake was a big hit with everyone and tasted wonderful!

Homemade Miniature Golf Birthday Cake

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