I created this dinosaur cake for my son’s 2nd birthday. Firstly, I started with using 2 packet mixes per large Pyrex bowl and baked for about an hour until they were booked. Make sure you grease the bowl well as one of the cakes got a little stuck!

The body of the dinosaur was created from one of the cakes. I simply leveled the top of the cake and flipped it over. I carved a small semi-circle out of the dinosaurs body where the head was going to sit against the body.

The head of the dinosaur was created from the other cake. I leveled the top of the cake and flipped it over. As you can see in the photos the head was carved to shape once it had cooled. The off cuts were then used to create the feet which I simply cut pieces off until I got a shape that I was happy with.

The frills behind the head were made from the off cuts from leveling the cakes. I created a template out of paper so that I could get the shape that I wanted and the cake was then inserted in between the two cakes.

I crumb coated the cakes first and then covered each individual piece in fondant. I covered the body of the dinosaur in green fondant first. The feet were then covered and placed very closely against the body of the dinosaur. I used some extra icing to secure them there. I carefully covered the head and frills in fondant as the last piece and placed this closely against the body.

The dinosaur’s horns were made from chocolate fondant and the spots on the body are from fondant secured there with a small amount of water.