Coolest Halloween Monster Cake

This Halloween monster cake  was one of the most fun cakes I’ve ever made. It was brought to a Halloween party and got rave reviews. I have a Wilton ball pan that I’ve used to make everything except soccer balls. It took me about an hour of decorating after it was baked. My seven year old daughter helped with much of it, with the exception of covering the ball with fondant.  Here’s how I created my monster.

First I baked the cake sphere using a Wilton ball pan. One box of cake mix will work. After it’s cooled completely, slice off a bit of the bottom of one of the semi-circles so it doesn’t roll. I used one batch of homemade butter cream colored green with food gel. Frost the flat part of the circle liberally. Put the other semi-circle on and insert a Popsicle stick down the center for stability. Slice off a vertical piece that will be the flat part of the mouth.  Frost the entire cake now.

I purchased a 1.5 pound box of Wilton pre-made fondant.  Pull out four golf ball sized shapes of white fondant from the block. Color the rest of the fondant green with food gel. Make one golf ball sized piece black with food gel. Roll two of the white balls of fondant until they are smooth for the eyeballs and set aside. Pinch off a couple bead sized black balls. Roll and flatten for eye pupil and attach to the eyeballs. Set aside. I used a handful of marshmallows to create the bumps in the monster. Take full sized marshmallows and cut in half. Attach to the cake sticky side down. Frost the marshmallows in place. Your sphere will be bumpy now.

Now roll out the remaining fondant in a circle, about 1/4 inch thick to cover the ball. Lay the center of the fondant on the center of the cake. Slowly smooth out over the ball with your hands following the contours of the bumps. Go slow so you don’t tear the fondant. This is probably the hardest part. Cut the bottom edges against the cake board/plate. Take leftover green fondant to roll out tentacles. I positioned the “wavy” tentacles on wax paper and let them harden a bit in the fridge so they’d stand up. Now attach the eyeballs with a few drops of water. Press in. Roll out the black and position on the flat side you cut out previously.

Trim the mouth to how you want it but do not attach. Roll out the remaining white and make teeth by cutting out with a sharp knife. Attach the teeth to the black before you attach the whole mouth with frosting. Press to secure. Roll out the lips with green fondant and secure. Make a couple tiny balls and flatten in your hand to attach to eyeballs. I used pre-made red gel to dot the eyeballs. You can roll out little green balls and attach to cake as warts. To make dirt I crumbled chocolate graham crackers. Position the tentacles where you want and attach with butter cream frosting directly to the plate.  I set a few store bought pumpkin candies around also. It was great fun.

Coolest Halloween Monster Cake