Three-Eyed Fuzzy Monster Cake

Three-Eyed Fuzzy Monster Cake

This three eyed fuzzy Monster Cake is a three layered yellow cake. I made this cake for my son’s cub scout Halloween party. Ever year they have a cake auction to raise money for gifts for the scouts at Christmas time and to donate to the food pantry. This is one cake of three that I … Read more

Cool Googly Eyed Monster Cake

Cool Googly Eyed Monster Cake

My son and his 3 best friends all have birthdays one day after another, so they decided to have a joint party for their 7th birthday. All 4 worked on the idea for their cake, complete with drawings. It was decided that it should be a monster, but more silly than scary, it must have … Read more

Coolest Halloween Monster Cake

Coolest Halloween Monster Cake

This Halloween monster cake  was one of the most fun cakes I’ve ever made. It was brought to a Halloween party and got rave reviews. I have a Wilton ball pan that I’ve used to make everything except soccer balls. It took me about an hour of decorating after it was baked. My seven year … Read more

Coolest Alien Birthday Cake

Coolest Alien Birthday Cake

My daughter has a thing about aliens ever since she saw them on a Backyardigan episode. I think she’s kind of afraid of them but also loves them and  the way only a four-year-old can. She told me she wanted an alien birthday cake but that it ” must be friendly and have only two … Read more

Coolest Little Monsters Cake

Coolest Little Monsters Cake

My grandson’s class is completely nut free (serious allergies), so these little monsters that I made for him to share as a birthday treat are “safe.” I made fondant from scratch (microwave marshmallow recipe), and got nut-free colorings. It took ages to cut and roll and put them all together. It was impossible to make … Read more

Coolest Googly Eyed Monster Cake!

Coolest Googly Eyed Monster Cake!

Last year my little boy was turning 4 and we had just finished decorating his room all in monsters, so he decided (with my help…I have a thing for monsters) to have me make him a monster cake for his party. I was excited to do it, especially because I thought it was going to … Read more

Awesome Devil Cake with Alien Cupcakes

Awesome Devil Cake with Alien Cupcakes

I made this red devil cake in a number 6 shape with alien cupcakes for my 6 year old’s birthday. Got the idea of the number 6 devil from the Australian Women’s Weekly cake book. 1. To make the number 6 cake, I used my favorite butter cake recipe to bake x2 cakes – x1 ring pan and x1 loaf tin cakes. I shaped … Read more

Monster Eye Balls Cake for my Little Sweet Monster

Monster Eye Balls Cake for my Little Sweet Monster

I made this Monster Eye Balls cake for my little sweet Monster. I baked a round chocolate cake covered in orange fondant hair. I used an orange fondant with a clay gun. The eyes I made from green lollipops which I covered in white and orange and black for the eyes. My grandson was ecstatic. He was singing and … Read more

Coolest Orange Monster Cake

Coolest Orange Monster Cake

I did this quick orange Monster cake as my submission for the the Halloween potluck at work.  The cake was a double layer chocolate cake with the orange butter cream in the middle as well.  After stacking, I simply covered it in orange frosting using the “grass” tip. Tedious work, but not too bad.  The … Read more

Coolest Alien and Space Ship Cake

Homemade Alien and Space Ship Cake

We used two simple vanilla cakes (one large and one smaller) for this Alien and Space ship cake. We used the small cake for the space ship and the large cake for the small cake to sit on and to write on. We used homemade cream cheese icing that we just food colored. Also, we … Read more

Hilarious Homemade Monster Birthday Cake

Homemade Monster Birthday Cake

This is a Homemade Monster Birthday Cake for my daughter’s friend. I used one cake mix and cooked it in a 9×13 pan. I let it cool for 20 minutes then I cut the cake in half and placed one on top of the other. I rolled out a thin piece of fondant and cut … Read more

Coolest Alien Cake

Homemade Alien Cake

I was given this image on a napkin from a friend wanting an Alien Cake to match. I created a stencil from the image and painstakingly cut out the black outline areas with an exacto knife and then laid the stencil on the cake. I then dusted it with powdered sugar which leaves the image … Read more

Coolest Alien Birthday Cupcakes

Homemade  Alien Birthday Cupcakes

The Alien Birthday Cupcakes were made using red velvet cupcakes and red velvet cake balls covered in thinned white chocolate ganache (tinted green).

Coolest Monster Cake

Homemade Monster Cake

For Halloween, my work has a chili cookoff contest for lunch and invites everyone to contribute either for the contest or a side dish for the lunch. I love cakes, so this Homemade Monster Cake is what I decided to make. I baked 4 round cakes (2 cake mix boxes) and stacked and iced them … Read more

Coolest Alien Halloween Birthday Cake

Homemade Alien Halloween Birthday Cake

This Alien Halloween Birthday Cake is my 3 year old’s birthday cake. I wanted something very different and unique, yet I wanted to stick with it being for a toddler. So, nothing scary, just fun. This cake turned out to be so cute!!

Coolest Monster Birthday Cake

Homemade  Monster Birthday Cake

My son’s fifth birthday was approaching and he loves monsters so we adopted this as the theme. I searched around on the internet for inspiration and found this great site where I found Molly’s wonderful interpretation of a cake she found (thanks Molly!). This inspired my Mum and I to have a go at a … Read more

Coolest Alien Cupcake Cake

Homemade Alien Cupcake Cake

This Alien Cupcake Cake was for my son’s 5th birthday party. They were so much fun to make and the kids LOVED them. Granted, they only ate the candy and icing off of them, but that’s what usually happens with cupcakes anyway, I guess! I baked the cupcakes in tinfoil cupcake holders for a spaceship … Read more

Coolest Cute Monster Cake Idea

Homemade Cute Monster Cake Idea

After searching through many cake decorating sites, I came up with this Cute Monster Cake Idea for my little boy’s first birthday. We call him “Our Little Monster”, so it was perfect. This was my first time making or using fondant. I have always thought fondant cakes were so beautiful and finished looking, but was … Read more

Coolest Alien-Shaped Kids Cake Ideas 0

For this kids cake I used two chocolate Duncan Hines mixes baked in a large heart shaped pan. I trimmed the cake at the top to rid it of the bumps. After smoothing the buttercream icing with a paper towel (allow icing to set for a few minutes then go back with a paper towel … Read more

Coolest Alien-Shaped Kids Cake Ideas 1

While flipping through an October issue of a parenting magazine (where you can find some good kid cake ideas), I found the cutest cake for my sons birthday. It was a Halloween cake with chocolate icing that looked like hair and all sorts of candy eyes poking out all over it. My son was having … Read more

Coolest Alien-Shaped Kids Cake Ideas 2

This kids cake was made for a friend of mines son. The space ship is a bowl with fondant around the edges. The lights are M&M’s. The aliens are fondant too.s son. The space ship is a bowl with fondant around the edges. The lights are M&M’s. The aliens are fondant too.

Coolest Alien-Shaped Kids Cake Ideas 3

I made this Alien kids cake using the Wilton Animal Crackers pan and an oval pan. I placed it on an over-sized board and positioned the cakes together to form head and body. Some trimming of the ears was necessary to get the pointed effect. After decorating the head and body, I piped arms and … Read more