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Coolest Halloween Skull Birthday Cake

My Halloween Skull Birthday Cake was made for my daughter Rebekah who is older and not so fond of “normal” birthday cakes. The cake was made in an 8″ Wilton oval cake pan. The cake itself was milk chocolate and the icing was buttercream. The technique I used in putting the design on the cake is called gel transfer. This is where you take the image you want to put on your cake and lay wax paper on the top of it and just trace the image onto the wax paper. Once on the wax paper you can flip it over onto your cake and begin filling in the design with buttercream. It looks much harder than it really is. But dont tell your friends, they dont need to know how easy it is to make a really cool cake.

Before I took the Wilton cake decorating classes I just made nice cakes, after the Wilton cake decorating classes I made cakes that people thought I had bought and tried to pass off as mine. I highly recommend anyone who likes to make and decorate cakes to look into taking the classes, I learned many techniques that made cake making much easier in just the first class. Good luck and happy baking.

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