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Coolest Skull and Bones Mud Cake

This Skull and Bones Mud Cake was a lot of fun. This was my first creepy scene so it was exciting to create this vision in my head. I usually take a week or two to brainstorming before I start any cake. Hope you enjoy this cake as much as we did. Here is how i did it?.

Two days before making the cake I started to make my props for my scene. Pile of bones, skulls, trees and blood.

Pile of bone: I used 1 small thin pretzel stick. Cut two small marshmallows in half and placed on each side at both ends of the pretzel (top and bottom) then dip in chocolate and cool. I made about 50. Some to pile on the cake and some to put in a chip bowl.

Skulls: cut bottom corners of a marshmallow to form narrowed chin, make eyes and mouth then dip in white chocolate and cool.

Tree: With small thin pretzel sticks, create a haunted tree (or 2 like I did) using piped dark or milk chocolate as glue to hold sticks in place

Blood: all you need is a 1/3 cup of chocolate syrup and the entire small red food coloring. Enough to fill a cooking syringe.

One day before cake is due.

I used (2) 9″ round pans, for this cake. I cut off the top of the cake to form a flat surface. Then I crumble up the excess cake to use for dirt and set aside. I frost heavily and piped a dam around the top edge and bottom edge of the cake with frosting. This will keep the glaze from running down the sides. I poured chocolate glaze over the top of the cake filling the space.

I aligned the sides with my bones in a cross bones fashion all the way around my cake. I then selectively place my props I prepared the night before on top of my cake (a skull, a few bones, trees.) I drop clumps of Hershey chocolate powder around the face(top) of cake and sprinkled the cake crumbs around to create a dug up dirt affect. Splashing the blood over the scene and over a bowl of chips mixed with extra bones would be a nice touch

Blood is not shown in this picture. I thought that the birthday girl would enjoy adding the blood to her scene as she saw fit.

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