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Cooliest Halloween Cake Design

This gross Halloween Cake Design was made for my 13 year old cousin who wanted a Halloween themed party for his birthday. The cake is chocolate with a chocolate buttercream and then covered with fondant. I really had a lot of fun making the parts for this cake. Everything on this cake is edible except for the mice. I ran out of time or I would of tried to make them.

A couple of days before I started making all the parts. I made the eyeballs, fingers, brains, heart and maggots out of fondant. The cake layers were covered with gray fondant to resemble a tombstone with the cracks. I made the top look as if it burst open and as if the cake was made with all these ingredients. I also cut slits all over and placed the eyeballs in them to appear as they were part of the ingredients seeping out the sides. The blood dripped on everything was made from paste and karo syrup.

This cake really turned out pretty awesome if I should say so myself!

Homemade  Halloween Cake Design

Homemade  Halloween Cake Design

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