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Coolest Hamburger and Fries Cake

Our Hamburger and Fries cake was created for my son’s annual Cub Scout Cake Bake contest. My son decided he wanted to make a hamburger cake, so we went the extra mile and added “fries” and a “sundae” to make it look more authentic.

The hamburger buns are two 9″ round cakes made with yellow cake mix and frosted with homemade buttercream icing tinted with brown and orange gel icing color. The “meat” is brownie mix baked in a torte pan and the lettuce, tomatoes and cheese are rolled fondant in green, red and yellow. The top bun is decorated with oatmeal flakes for the “sesame seeds”.

The fries are pound cake, which I froze over night and sliced into strips the next day. I place the fries and a cookie sheet and broiled them for a couple of minutes on each side. They need to be watched carefully because they brown pretty quickly. The “ketchup” is red icing from a tube with black and orange gel icing color and mixed with some light corn syrup.

The sundae is strawberry cake mix baked and then crumbled into a parfait glass. The sundae is topped with whipped can frosting and a cherry.

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