Cool Homemade Star Shaped Harry Potter Cake

I made this chocolate cake in a star shaped tin and iced it in purple. I then made all the decorations out of coloured ready-made icing and marzipan – and placed these in the corners of the star and the middle of the cake.

The children had lots of fun spotting things from the books – Harry’s glasses, Hedwig (and the letters she’d just delivered – I rolled out and cut white rectangles then used black writing icing to put squiggles on to look like addresses). I copied Hedwig from a picture. Quidditch balls were easy to make as was the broom (which had a chocolate stick handle) and wand.

The spellbooks had “spells” iced on them, the cauldron was a black icing ball – I pushed a finger into it then turned the rim over at the top. The sorting hat is decorated with yellow sugar stars.

Finally I made Scabbers the rat and Harry’s baggy jumper.

I made a small rectangular cake (not in picture) also iced in purple which I placed below the star. It said “Happy Birthday from Harry Potter” in orange and had birthday candles around it.

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