Coolest Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Cake

My 9 year old wanted a Harry Potter party, and my husband suggested Hogwarts for the cake. After initially scoffing, saying “impossible”, I looked to this site for inspiration, and decided to do it!

The castle is made of two 9×13 cakes, cut in half and stacked up (I used 3 layers, but could use 4). The side towers are pound cake I baked in spagettio cans and soup cans, for different sized towers (just grease them really well and they come out easily). I used 2 can cakes to make them tall. The little towers on top are Swiss rolls stuck into the cake with lollipop sticks.

The whole thing is frosted in butter cream.  I tinted it brown, and then used a brick impression sheet I got in the cake section to “imprint” bricks; that part looked really cool. The tower tops are waffle and sugar cones sprayed with some mist icing.

Yellow windows were cut out of edible color sheets, also found in the cake section. I also have a HP Lego castle, which is where I got a lot of the windows, the door, and the figures. The rocks out front are candy rocks I found in the cake section, sprinkled onto a layer of frosting.

This cake only took about 3 hours total to decorate (I made the cakes and frosting,  3 batches!) ahead of time; cut and froze them. It turned out really great, and the kids were awed!!

Coolest Harry Potter Hogwarts Castle Cake

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