The night before I was suppose to make this cake with a fellow baker’s help I received a frantic call from her apologizing that she would not be able to help me make the cake due to a family emergency. I panicked for about 20 minutes then realized what I needed to do and started drawing out a plan.

I started with 2, 9×13 funfetti cakes with a banana pudding filling between the layers (I made 3 boxes of banana pudding and used probably 1 total). I then stacked 2, 8in rounds of funfetti cake on top with banana pudding in the middle as well. I cut the corners of the 9x13s to fit towers into the cake. I then took 2 cake cones and “glued” the bottoms together with melted chocolate, then put those into the freezer (about an hour) to harden the chocolate.

I dyed rice krispies pink (one cup at a time) to make rice krispy treats, lightly frosted the cones and wrapped the rice krispy treats around the towers to make it look like pink stone work. I frosted waffle cones with purple frosting and sprinkled them with sparkly pink sugar crystals, then stuck them on top the towers with a little bit of frosting to help keep them in place during transportation, with an additional waffle cone on the top in the middle. Purple piping designs finished this cake off with candied pink and purple letters for personalization. I also surrounded the cake with chocolate cupcakes frosted sky blue with rainbow gummy candies arched over the tops with white icing to create cloud effects (in case any boys at the party refused to eat pink or purple cake).

Much appreciative “oohs” and “ahhs” were given at the official party…. I also ended up with 3 more cakes to design and make in the near future.