Coolest Harry Potter Knight Bus Cake

This Harry Potter Knight Bus Cake is the triple Decker Knight Bus from Harry Potter 3. My son is fascinated by all means of transport and this is what he asked for this year for his 7th birthday. I have so far made a castle, a plain now a bus!

I was given the added task of making the bus stand on wheels as apparently “it doesn’t count if you can’t see underneath”.

To do this I got 2 metal brackets (luckily my dad made these to size), you can find similar in diy shops or squared door handles. I cut a piece of Perspex to size and used 4 wheels from my son’s construction set.

The cake was 3x 12inch square Madeira cakes sandwiched together. This cake works best as is very solid and stands up well when iced. I cut 1 and half inches off the top of all three to keep the aspect right, and then cut out the rear door.

Takes along time to cut out all the windows but if its standing up you have to do all sides. The purple icing was pre coloured from a local cake supply shop, but hand coloured for windows and grill.

I left standing the cake up until we were at the venue as don’t think it would travel to well. We decorated the board together with sugar paper. Only bit I would let him do!

In total this cake took me 21 hours so be warned. I hope you like it as much as my son and all his friends.

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