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Coolest Haunted House Cake

This Haunted House Cake is the second cake we ever made using fondant, so we had no idea what we were getting ourselves into. It took three days, we had no tools, but lots of imagination. Ooh so much fun!

First we started off with a 9inch round cake pan (we only had one) and we made four boxes of red velvet. The bottom and middle were 3 layers thick with home made cream cheese icing between the layers. We had to carve the middle layer to make it smaller than the bottom layer. We used a butter bowl as a template. The top layer was a blueberry muffin. The ground was five boxes of brownies.

The entire cake was edible! The ghosts were dum dum lollipops wrapped in fondant, we painted the faces on with black food coloring, the stones on the ground were peanut caramel clusters, the fence at the graveyard were pretzel sticks. The freshly dug graves were black sugar crystals, the headstones were shaped and dried fondant, the writing was black food coloring, the rocks were chocolate covered raisins and almonds, the pumpkins were candy corn pumpkins, the skeleton and rat were gummies.

The cake was covered in grey fondant. The shingles were colored a dark grey and individually cut and placed in no particular order. The front door and shutters were cut out of black fondant and laid to dry, then placed on the cake with a brush of water. The windows were yellow fondant, the lines were black food coloring. We drew all the cracks in the wood siding with black food coloring. The yellow eyeballs peeking through the cracks and the door were tiny ,yellow, round sprinkles.

The cream cheese icing was a basic recipe from the internet. The idea for the cake came from our kids. After a lot of ” Lets see if we can make this” to ” Look what I just made!” the end result was this cake and lots of jaws on the floor. Cant wait for this Halloween birthday party, got a lot more experience this time around.

Hope y’all enjoy this cake as much as we did.




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