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Graduation Cake

To start out with this graduation cake, I made one 10″ round cake and one cake in the wonder mold cake pan. After the cakes were cooled, I placed the round cake on the silly feet cake stand, and the wonder cake on top of it. I then frosted the entire cake in blue buttercream.

I rolled out a large piece of blue fondant (dyed the same color as the buttercream) and placed that over the cake. Then I trimmed the fondant to leave the hem for the graduation gown.

Out of peach colored fondant, I cut a large circle and put it aside to dry. I also fashioned a triangular nose out of peach fondant and applied it to the large circle with piping gel. Once the circle (the face) was dry (over 24 hours), I added eyes, mouth and hair using edible food markers.

Out of blue fondant, I cut out a mortarboard (freehand) and let it dry for over 24 hours. After it was dry, I attached it to the top of the face using piping gel. I took a small amount of fondant to fashion the circular top to the tassel. I used some yellow fondant, rolled thin and attached it to the circle. I took a small rectangular piece of fondant and attached it to the thin piece. I then cut thin strips to look like a tassel.

Next, I took two lollipop sticks and attached them to the back of the face/mortarboard with some additional fondant (same colors as the face and mortarboard).

I cut out a piece of white fondant to look like the shirt and affixed it to the top of the graduate with piping gel. I then took some blue fondant, rolled it out and added it as the collar.

I rolled out two thick pieces of blue fondant to make arms, again affixing them with piping gel. Then I rolled some white fondant to look like a diploma and used a small piece of red fondant to make a ribbon around it. Then I cut out two hands (freestyle) from peach fondant, affixing them to the arms.

On the back of the graduate, I cut out letters to spell out my son’s school and the year, affixing them with piping gel.

At the last minute, I inserted the head into the top of the graduate.

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