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Coolest Hello Kitty Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

My adult daughter still loves Hello Kitty but is not a fan of cake, so I decided to make her a Hello Kitty Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake.

I made the cookie using my regular dough and putting it in a pizza pan. Allow an inch for the dough to expand (don’t put it right up to the edge of the pan. Trust me on this!)

Hello Kitty was made of fondant with a rice crispy square squished to form her basic body shape under it. I put it on a shish kabob stick to give more stability. I added glasses and Converse tennis shoes because my daughter wears them.

Everything is edible except her glasses (made of black wire) and the stetchy string used to string the beads of the necklace…oh, and the ribbon.

About the necklace: I made the different colored balls of fondant (roll a “snake” and cut even sized piece off to help get the balls the same size.) I brushed each ball with pearl dust (Hobby Lobby) to give it the pearl look. Then I strung them using a needle onto the stretch jewelry thread.

This was fun to make and a hit at her office!

Homemade Hello Kitty Chocolate Chip Cookie Cake

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