Coolest Hogwarts Birthday Cake

For my 17th birthday, I decided to have a ‘Harry Potter’ themed party, a Hogwarts Birthday Cake included! It was the combined effort of both my mum and my aunt and lots of advice and titivating from me.

Mum cooked three red velvet cakes in different sized cake tins – in decreasing sizes. She bought two packets of chocolate roll cakes with six rolls in each packet.

She placed the three home-made cakes on top of each other, and then carved out semi-circles so as to fit the chocolate rolls in place as turrets. Tall turrets were joined by wooden skewers. Mum made mountains of chocolate butter icing and smothered the whole cake in this icing.

I rolled the ice-cream cones in icing sugar (to age them) and helped cut the liquorice all-sorts lollies into the window shapes and door frame. My job was to also make the flag-pole and flag. I also helped roll out the royal icing to cut and shape the ghost – not seen very well in the above picture.

Together we put the finishing touches on to the cake – windows, pointy turrets, door and voilà! A Hogwarts Castle Cake.

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