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Big Golf Ball Birthday Cake

My son is a golf-nut and when his birthday came around I knew just what to do, a big Golf Ball birthday cake. I made a sheet cake (18x12x2), cut in half and stacked with butter cream icing. The golf ball was a cake pan used for a filled cake so I used it to enlarge my golf ball to a super-size.  The cake was chocolate but the golf ball French vanilla. Lots of memories this cake made. Lots of enjoyment to make, not a hard project, just a lot of time to decorate.

I used my thumb to make indentations on the golf ball as for the Nike swish was just that. I hope you all enjoy trying your skills for your favorite golfer. Butter cream icing I made and Wilton gel coloring I used.  After it was finished the ball was so tall I had to take everything out of my refrigerator to place the cake in. I hope you have a place for your’s before you decide on making one that big!  Lots of luck.

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