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Coolest Homemade Monster High Cake

This homemade Monster High cake was made for my friend’s daughter’s 9th birthday. She is very allergic to eggs, so they gave me a mix that made a very yummy egg-free cake.

I had to use four boxes (2 per 9″x13″ layer), though, because the cake comes out very thin. After putting the layers together, I put on the crumb coat and let it dry a little. I found a picture of the skull online and copied it to a word document.

I then blew it up to about 7″x8″ and printed it out. I cut out the image and traced it onto the top of the cake with one of my cake tools. Everything was decorated with piped butter cream. The skull was outlined in black with tip #10, and the rest of the skull and the zebra print were starred in with tip #17. The argyle sides were filled in with tip #7, and the white dashes were piped with #3. The shell border was done with #18.

9 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Monster High Cake”

  1. This was actually a mix that the girl’s mom bought. She said she had a good recipe, but because she only notified me the day before, & I had 2 other cakes due, she bought the mixes to save me some time. I’ve seen them at Kroger over in the health section. I can also see if I can get that recipe from her.

  2. What tool did you use to make the stencil of the skull? I was thinking of printing the skull out on tracing paper as use a needle to poke holes along the outline to give me the outline to make skull. Wasn’t sure if you knew a easier way. Thanks!

  3. It’s my daughter’s birthday on the 8th of October, she’s turning 6. This year she graduated from Strawberry Shortcake, Barbie and Tinkerbell, to Monster High and I have been online searching feverishly for a Monster High cake for her. I came across this site and saw this cake. What made me want to cry, lol is the fact that I can’t buy this particular cake and it would be perfect because my daughter’s name is Cecelia, …Cece for short. How coincidental, lol


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