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Coolest Monster High Birthday Cake

My friend’s daughter is really into “Monster High” so she found a cake like this one online and asked me to make it. But the cake online was made with fondant, which she hates, so she asked me to somehow make it in butter cream.

Before even messing with the cake, I first made the gumpaste skull. I found an image online and pasted it onto a word document, stretched it to the size I needed and printed it off. I cut it out and first traced around it on some gum paste I tinted with Wilton Black icing color. Then, I trimmed all the black off of the paper image and traced the white skull on white gum paste and the pink bow on gum paste tinted with Wilton Pink. Using a very small amount of water, I put the pieces together and let them dry for a couple of days.

On to the cake…I baked 2 6-in cakes for the top tier and 2 10-in cakes for the bottom. After stacking them together, I “dirty iced” them and let that dry for a little bit. Then I traced the diamond design on the bottom tier. I first piped the straight yellow and purple lines with tip #4 and then piped the pink and black stars in the diamonds. For the top tier, I first piped the black lines for the zebra print with tip #3 and then filled them in with stars. I then surrounded the rest with blue stars. The border along the bottom of each tier was black icing piped with tip #10. I then used some of the pink icing to pipe the lettering with tip #6.

I used a chop stick down the middle of the cake to hold up the skull. I attached it to the skull with some black fondant to be sure it would hold steady. The birthday girl loved her cake!

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  1. Thinking of making this cake for my daughter ‘s 9th birthday but had a question about what you use to trace the diamond pattern onto the cake ?

  2. Love this cake I’m thinking of making it for my daughters birthday, but I was also wondering what you might of used to trace the diamonds on the cake.


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