Coolest Homemade Yoda Birthday Cake

My soon-to-be 8 year old son wanted a Yoda cake for his birthday this year. I came up with this design by combining a couple of different Star Wars Yoda coloring pages. To help transfer the design to the cake, I traced the back of my design paper with cake gel and, having transferred the image, I could start coloring it in.

I made the frosting using Wilton’s Buttercream frosting recipe and Wilton’s Chocolate Buttercream frosting recipe I used Wilton’s Juniper Green for Yoda’s face coloring, which I think does him justice. For the lightsaber, I used a green-based undertone with a bit of white mixed in, and then put green sugar coloring on top to try and give it that “glowing” look.

Yoda didn’t come to life until I had finished his eyes. They were an intricate part of making Yoda look like Yoda. Multiple layers of frosting were built up on his eyelids to give the effect. I hope this idea helps you to create your own Yoda.

4 thoughts on “Coolest Homemade Yoda Birthday Cake”

  1. I want to do something similar for my boyfriend’s birthday tomorrow, I am a bit of an amateur when it comes to cake decorating can you explain what you mean by design paper (what kind of paper?) and what is cake gel?
    awesome cake

  2. I wish I would have seen this awhile back to answer the question in a timely manner…. anyways, my design paper is just regular copy paper. I print out my design on it, flip it over, back side up (blank), pasted to a window, and then trace the design (it will be backwards) with gel. When finished, I put the gel side down, lightly rub to “transfer” it to the top of my frosted cake.

  3. that is a very good Yoda cake i am just wondering how do get the paper out so the kids in my class dont eat the paper i also want to surprise my sixth grade teacher because he loves Yoda and r2d2

  4. I was looking for a Yoda cake for my 6 year old son and this one is perfect you did a great job, because as I was looking my son saw the picture and he said “Mom I want that cake!” thank you for your help!


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