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Coolest Horse Birthday Cake Idea

I made this Horse Birthday Cake Idea for my three kids, boy 2, boy 5 and girl 7 birthday party. They all have their birthdays in August so we do a group party. All three kids LOVE horses and love the movie Toy Story. After not being able to find a shaped pan that I liked I set out to find the perfect horse cake directions. This cake is inspired by Bulls-Eye from Toy Story. I stumbled upon this website and found a lot of great ideas.

For the cake I made a sheet cake and doubled the cake recipe. My cake pan is 11x15x2 and is the Wilton brand. I then drew the horse head on paper, cut it out and laid it on the sheet cake and cut the snout then the neck and from the neck there was enough for the ear. You now have 3 pieces to put together to make the horse head on the what you will serve the cake on. For that I covered a board with parchment paper then a piece of green fabric (to look like grass, blue would be great to look like sky). On the fabric I put a cut out of the horse head shape on parchment paper and put that onto the fabric covered board. Put the pieces of cut cake onto the parchment cut out. Place foil strips slightly under cake edge so that excess frosting will fall on that and not on your fabric board. I used 5 different colors of frosting thus I also used 5 piping bags.

Take a large amount of the main horse color frosting (medium brown) and spread. If you have too little frosting or if your cake is even the slightest warm your frosting will get cake crumbs all over. It’s better to have too much frosting than to little. Spread it around gently and evenly to the outside then work on the sides. I used piping tips for the hair, mouth, nostril, ear and eye. I also piped a line of appropriate color around base of cake. Enjoy!

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