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Coolest Jumping Horse Birthday Cake

My daughter and I worked together to make this Jumping Horse Birthday Cake for her 11th birthday. It is made from (2) homemade 9×13 sheet cakes. We froze one layer – wrapped in foil then wrapped in plastic wrap. My daughter used a 9×13 piece of paper to draw a jumping horse. We cut it out and laid it on the frozen cake. It would be easy enough to find a suitable horse image silhouette, enlarge it and cut it out. The larger, the easier it is to cut out.

To cut the other cake into a jumping horse, I used a thin serrated knife and followed the outline of the paper cut out (it sticks to the cake). Hold the knife perpendicular to the cake and make short up and down motions – this really helps with control and making tight corners. Then we carefully removed the cut out and the “excess” cake. We cut large areas of excess into smaller pieces to easily remove. Around the head/neck/leg area, I used a bamboo skewer to pick out the cake bits. We returned the jumping horse cake to the freezer – gently wrapped in foil and then plastic wrap.

We made a caramel frosting and frosted the base layer. Then placed the partially thawed horse layer on the base and frosted it. Using the back of a metal teaspoon really helped smooth it on to the sides of the horse and a mini spatula really helped smooth it out in the corners. We used a bamboo skewer to make hair lines on the mane and tail and used a small bit of white tube icing mixed with water (to get the right consistency) to create the white spots and turn it into a jumping Paint.

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