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Coolest Horse Cake

I made this horse cake with a double layer chocolate cake with chocolate pudding in the middle for a daughter of a friend of mine. He asked to do something pink and with a horse. This was so easy to do because the outline of the horse was relatively simple.

I traced it onto parchment paper and then traced the parchment paper outline with piping gel and transferred it onto the light pink frosted cake. I outlined it in black and then added the white with a star tip. I went back with a very small writing tip and added the gray for the mane and the tail. I

made some very simple drop flowers and added them to go around the neck and down the tail and then I had some extras left over so added them under the horse. I was thinking about adding grass and sky and a fence but I ran out of time. I darkened up the pink frosting I had left and did the shells on the top and the bottom to give it more pink!

Apparently she loved it! The stems and the leaves I thought looked a little out of place but I think you are probably your own worst critic so that’s ok. This is cake # 9 for me since taking an actual course so I think my skills are getting a little better each time I do a cake I learn something!!

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