It was my niece’s 6th birthday and my sister asked me to make something for her horse party.  It was going to be outside and I thought it would be easier with cupcakes so I decided to do a pull apart.  After searching the web for ideas this is what I came up with.

First I set up the cupcakes in a horse shape.  Three rows of 5 cupcake in a slight arch for the body. I added two cupcake on the right side of the body for the tail.  Two cupcake on the bottom right and left of the body for the legs and finally four more cupcakes on the top left of the body in a diamond shape to form the head (used 25 cupcake for one horse).

Then I put a glob of frosting on each cupcake. After I used an offset spatula to make a smooth surface.  Add more frosting to fill any gaps.

Finally I decorated the pull apart cupcake to put in the details.  I added the tail, mane, eye, nose, mouth, hooves, saddle, and outlined the shape of the horse with a drawing tip.

For my first pull apart cupcake it was pretty simple and easy. Everyone at my niece’s party really enjoyed them and there was none left.