Every year for my daughter’s birthday, we pick a theme and go crazy.  Everything having to do with the party coordinates with the theme. This year’s theme was ‘Winter In August’ and the cake was no exception.  It was actually the easiest cake I’ve done so far.  This hot chocolate mug cake  turned out cute and got a lot of great feedback.

As I said, it was pretty simple to make.

Hot Chocolate Mug Cake Directions

  • First, I made four 9” round cakes (in vanilla, ironically, as requested by the birthday girl).
  • I, then, layered the cakes on top of each other, spreading icing in between each layer, as well as sides and top.
  • Next, I rolled out fondant and slid it over the entire cake.
  • I left the fondant a little loose on the top because I formed a rim by using my hands and gently pinching.
  • Then, I trimmed the bottom with a sharp knife.
  • I used the leftover fondant to make a handle, rolled out like a thick snake. I let this part dry over night with a toothpick sticking out of each end.  The toothpicks anchored the handle into the mug and the drying made sure it didn’t droop.
  • To make the hot chocolate effect, I simply spread chocolate frosting inside the rim of the ‘cup’.
  • I then added 9 large marshmallows to float on the top (9 to represent her birthday year).
  • I also used sugar paper to cut out HAPPY BIRTHDAY  lettering and added that to the side of the cake.  This helped a lot in hiding my many fondant mistakes.

Around the cake you will see some real mugs. These mugs were filled with microwave mug cakes, all in chocolate for variety.  I found a great recipe online.  They only take 5 minutes to make and they tasted great!  The ‘whip cream’ topping is just vanilla icing.

This was a simple cake to make, but the effect was hot!

Hot Chocolate Mug cake
Hot Chocolate Mug cake

Coolest Hot Chocolate Mug Cake

Coolest Hot Chocolate Mug Cake

Hot Chocolate Mug Microwave Cakes
Hot Chocolate Mug Microwave Cakes