Suspended Beer Mug Cake

I made this suspended beer mug cake for my husband’s grandfather who was turning 90 years old. He owned a pub back in the day, so I decided to make this beer mug cake.

I used 4×6″ round cakes with a dowel supporting the cake. I made the cakes the day before then I froze them overnight, so it is easier to carve so it doesn’t crumble. I stacked the cakes and frosted in between. Then inserted a dowel in the middle of the cake and started carving to make the cake look like a beer mug.

I cut strips of fondant and put around the cake to make the illusion of the bumps of the mug. Then frosted the whole cake. I then covered the cake in fondant, then rolled fondant balls to create bubbles on top.

I used tooth picks for the handle and covered it with fondant. I painted the mug yellow then blended red and yellow to make an orangy color for a more realistic look.. Then I molded fondant around the wooded dowel, making it look like flowing beer. I then wrapped a small wire to hold the beer bottle in place and waalaa, magic, suspended beer mug cake. This is one of my favorite cakes I have made, peoples reactions were awesome, everyone was amazed how the beer bottle was floating in the air.