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Coolest Hunger Games Birthday Cake

Every year I make a special surprise birthday cake for my four granddaughters. I made this cake for my 13 year old granddaughter who loves The Hunger Games book series and movie. I got the idea from my granddaughter since I already knew that her favorite scene from the move was “the cave scene”. After some thought, I decided to give it a try!

The cake I used was a one layer cake requiring two cake mixes in a 11″ x 17″ pan. The frosting was butter cream that I made myself. I made four different colors of icing, three different shades of green and one brown. I frosted the cake one area green using the grass tip (representing the woods) and one area brown (representing sand and dirt). The border was made of leaves using the star tip. Once that was done, the cake went into the freezer.

The cave is made and shaped with rice krispie treats, which were easy to use, and covered with fondant. I brushed on petal dust colors of grey, black and white. I used the petal dust dry and brushed it on with a brush. It made it very realistic looking. The pine trees were made of fondant dyed green and clipped with scissors. The large rocks and stones were shaped out of fondant and brushed with grey, white, black, and reddish brown petal dust. Again, very realistic. In fact, my husband had to pick one up to see if it was real! The very tiny pebbles and dirt trails were made from chocolate that I bought at a cake supply store.

I bought the Katniss and Peeta figurines complete with bow and arrows and spear on the internet. They worked out great size wise. To be able to get Katniss in a sitting position, I gently separated her body which could be put back together again.

Now, not only did my granddaughter have a fun cake, she had two figurines of her favorite action figures to keep. My granddaughter loved her cake! Everyone thought it was my best cake yet and it was fun to make.

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  1. I love your idea of doing the cave scene! This is a cake any teenager would die for. Good idea and maybe I will have to give it a try.


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