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Coolest Tinkerbell Flower Cake Idea

This Tinkerbell Flower Cake Idea was made for my best friend on her 17th Birthday. I have recently got into cake baking and have been trying increasingly more difficult cakes with each attempt, this being my best to date as it incorporated my first attempt at an icing model. The idea simply came to me because I wanted a cake which involved cake carving without the icing being too difficult for a beginner.

The cake structure involved baking one cake in a ceramic or glass bowl, this must be deep enough and wide enough to carve the cake into a flower shape (a lot of cake mix is consequently required). After baking the cake, I trimmed the top flat and using a template I carved the cake into a flower shape. This requires time and attention to keep the flower even. I suggest using a flower with five petals as it is easier, wastes less cake and keeps the structure of the cake strong enough to prevent it from collapsing. Keeping the cake upside down, I the dyed the roll on icing pink and iced the bottom and sides of the flower. The icing and carving of this cake is done in two parts, so the next stage was to turn the cake the correct way up and carve out the centre of the flower. The trimmings can be used to create the arch in each petal. The rest of the pink icing can be used to cut out petal shapes to ice each petal individually. This gives a more authentic look than icing the entire thing with one sheet of rolled out icing. I added finishing touches with the sparklers iced with balls of yellow icing.

The icing body of the icing Tinkerbell is made of normal fondant icing, but her head is made of petal paste. I would recommend petal paste for finer details of any model. However it is quite expensive.

Finally a tip for baking a moist cake, this is particularly helpful you are making a gluten free cake: when adding the eggs only add the yokes, whisk the egg whites until very frothy and then fold them into the mixture as the very end.

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