Coolest iCarly Birthday Cake

This is the iCarly Birthday Cake I made for our neighbor’s daughter who is turning 6. She just loves iCarly. I thought the perfect way to do it would be like a computer. This base is a 1/4 marble cake. I iced it with whipped icing and covered in fondant. I then used Wilton Pink Spray Mist to give it a pink color.

I next made the keys out of fondant and glued them on top with cookie icing. The screen is not edible. This is made up of thick card board, but I suggest in you can use a something lighter such as packing foam. I found the cardboard was heavy and needed to be placed into the cake and supported by cooking skewers. Lesson learned for next time.The screen is a frosting sheet personalized with Jordan in it. I then finished it off with a two-toned icing. Since Jordan’s favorite colors pink/purple I used that color combo. You can do this yourself in the icing bag, but they also make tubes by Wilton that will do the same effect.

The very last touch was the iCarly rings around the cake.

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