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Cool Homemade Fishing Cake for my Boss

I made this fishing cake for my boss who likes to fish. Chocolate cake with buttercream icing.This was the first cake that I made that has so many details in it. I was really happy with how it turned out and so was my boss. He was very happy with it, he said he never had a cake like this before. He was smiling ear to ear when he saw it.

Everything is edible except the string for the fishing line. I was very pleased with how the rocks turned out. Everyone who saw it said they could not believe all the little details in this cake. The one thing I would change is on the worm bucket, I wrote worms instead of writing bait on the bucket. I put Evans pond on the sign because that is his last name.

This cake took quite a bit of time to make but it is one of my favorite cakes I have made so far.

Coolest Fishing Cake

Coolest Fishing Cake

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