Coolest In The Night Garden Cake

This In the Night Garden cake is a birthday cake I made for my son’s first birthday. He loves In the Night Garden.

It’s a jam and butter cream sponge cake decorated with sugar paste so is all edible. It’s also my second cake I’ve ever made but my first go at In the Night Garden.

It is quite a big cake, actually it was too much to eat. It was about 40 pieces. I’m gonna give it a go at selling the toppers on eBay. I look forward to making another. Any ideas anyone?

6 thoughts on “Coolest In The Night Garden Cake”

  1. I think this is a marvelous cake. It looks professional and is not OTT. I can’t believe it’s only your second one!

    Could I ask the cake tin sizes you used? I’m making a Balamory cake for my goddaughter and am not sure on the size. Enough for 40 pieces would be great and I’d rather make a round one. Did you cut wedges or chunks? Sorry to be so inquisitive, I’ve not made a big birthday cake before!

    Many thanks

  2. This cake is fab. It is my daughters birthday in September and want to buy In the Night Garden toppers. Are you selling them anywhere? if so please let me know. Don’t know if I have the patience to make them

  3. The cake is fab. I’m looking at purchasing In The Night Garden Cake Toppers for my daughters 2nd birthday cake that I’m making. You said that you were going to give a go at selling them on eBay are you selling them yet or can I order them off you privatly.

    My email address is

    Hope you can help.


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