Coolest In The Night Garden Gazebo Cake

My 3 year old loves In The Night Garden and I was going to make Upsy-Daisy, but I saw the little figurines for sale in Woolies, so decided to make the In The Night Garden Gazebo Cake instead.

I bought a piece of dowel and cut it into 5, then covered each in blue and yellow ribbon, then stuck them onto a round piece of ply. I already had a large prepared cake board which I covered in green cello. I made 2 large round cakes and a muffin. One cake I put onto the cake board and cut the muffin in half and put that on top then iced it.

Then I poked the dowel frame into that cake. I cut the other round cake in half to make it thinner and put it on top of the dowel and ply frame. I put 2 icecream cones (stacked together) on top of the cake, then used the leftover cake to cut wedges to put around the icecream cones.

Then I iced the top cake, made a hole in the cone and poked a Chupa Chup in the top. The figurines stood on the bottom cake & i made choc coconut truffles & rolled them in coloured sprinkles & put them on the cake board for the flower balls and used icing to make the stepping stones.

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