Coolest Jack Skellington Cake

I used a yellow cake mix so it would be easy to cover with white icing. I dipped my spreader in a glass of hot water to get the icing smooth. I spread black jell icing on the rim of a Dixie cup and squeezed it to get the oval shape for outline of the eyes.

I then stuck the Dixie cup gently to the cake. I did the marks around the eyes, the nostrils and then the mouth. Then I filled in the eyes. I used a plastic spider ring for his tie. I put the cake in the frig so the black jell icing wouldn’t melt in the warm weather.

When it was time to sing happy birthday to my son in law I brought the Jack Skellington Cake out of the fridge and everyone loved it. They all thought it was the coolest birthday cake ever. I’m very proud of this cake. I’m am going to make one for my grandson on his birthday. I also made a Cars cake for my husband I will post on a later date.

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