Cool Homemade Jack Skellington Cake

For this Jack Skellington cake I took a Barbie castle cake from Wilton and painted it black and silver. I was trying to get a haunted house effect. My son loves Jack Skellington so I bought figurines to put around the haunted house.

8 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Jack Skellington Cake”

  1. I don’t understand?? Why go through so much trouble to make the cake, paint the castle and the background but yet you left it in that pan? The cake would have been 100 x better if standing alone without that silver cheap pan.. sorry.. I think everything else on your cake looks great and the castle is a great idea..

  2. Well, who cares if its in a silver pan!
    This is AMAZING work! You can really see the effort put into this, which I am VERY gob-smacked by, you’ve put in 110% into this work, I’d be proud if that were mine! Ignore anyone who says mean things about it!

    [Oh so true ;D]

    If I knew you, I’d let you do my 17th birthday cake.


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