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Coolest Jessie and Woody Cake

I made this Homemade Jessie and Woody Cake for my daughter’s 4th Cowgirl roundup birthday party. She loved it and everyone was very impressed with the cake. I was even impressed with my first cake “stacking” attempt.

The bottom layer is a 2 layer 10″square chocolate cake. The middle layer is a 2 layer 8″ square white cake. And the top layer is a 2 layer 6″ round confetti cake.

I crumb coated each tier and let them set overnight in the refrigerator. Then I frosted the bottom tier red with buttercream icing. I placed 4 support columns into the bottom tier and placed the middle tier (already frosted with white buttercream frosting) on-top.

Then I frosted the top tier with yellow buttercream frosting. Then I placed 4 more support columns into the middle tier and placed the top tier on top.

Then I piped the design of white squares and paisleys onto the bottom layer. Next, I cut out the “cow spot” shapes from a Wilton black sugar sheet, wetted the back of the cut-outs with a wet brush and placed them onto the middle tier. The top tier I piped red frosting to make the “swag” design and used a “star tip” to to the top border.

I used a “basket” tip to do the red rope trim on the border of each of the layers. I also added 4 strips of Twizzler red rope licorice on top of the black frosting on the middle tier.

A Jessie novelty toy was placed on top of the cake and Bullseye the horse and Woody were placed on either side of the middle tier.

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