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Coolest 25th Anniversary Cake

I started with 3 different size cake pans for this 25th Anniversary Cake. I used for the base 16 X 16in square pan. The middle layer is 12 X 12in square pan. The top layer is 8 in round pan. I baked 2 of each so that each tier is layered with icing in between.

You can purchase any cake kit that you would like for your columns, cake bases, center pieces and also your topper. In this case, I used the silver 25th anniversary topper and a cherub kit with columns.

Bake all of your cakes and layer each size separately with icing between placing them on their cake bases. I used homemade cream cheese icing. Then put icing on each layer and smooth. You have to place your wooden rods in the bottom two layers even with your columns to help hold the layers up. Once you have smoothed your cakes and placed your rods in, you put base plates that will come with your kit on top of the bottom two layers.

Now you are ready for the piping. I used the #17 tip to pipe each border. You can choose. Pipe around each cake base and around each cake. Don’t assemble your cake until you get to you destination. Assemble each layer starting with the largest on the bottom.

I them used fresh hydrangeas to finish of the look of my cake. Any fresh flower will work just make sure you wait until the last minute to add the fresh flowers.

Anniversary Cake

Anniversary Cake

Anniversary Cake

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